Go to Siemreap Part-2

After touring most of the Angkor Thom region, we departed via the Victory Gate and proceeded to Thommanom. It is a much smaller temple and we did not spend much time there.


Our next stop is a temple mountain ruin, Ta Keo. The structure is basically rather similar to Angkor Wat but there are much lesser carvings and less impressive. We climbed up all the way to the peak and it was quite high indeed.

Ta Keo

Central Peak of Ta Keo

Derrick and Terence photographed descending the temple mountain

We did not stop by some of the more minor temples and we proceeded to Ta Prohm. This temple is dedicated to one of the Angkorian kings, Jayavarman VII's mother. The distinct difference between this temple and the others is that the jungle overgrowth is not entirely cleared and some of the ruins were intentionally unrestored.

The entrance of Ta Prohm

Unrestored ruins of Ta Prohm

Look at these intricate carvings!

A tree consuming part of the building

We got lost in the large monastic complex and got out from the entrance at the other side instead. We only realized after we cannot find our driver and the vehicle. We then spent 15 minutes walking to the other side of the temple.

Banteay Kdei was our next stop and we did not spend much time there as we were rather tired from all the walking, all the climbing and all the sweating. We walked to the other side of the temple which is near a temple by the water, Srah Srang.

Banteay Kdei

Srah Srang

A picturesque view of the square lake at Srah Srang

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