Phnom Penh City

We then headed to Sisowath Quay for dinner at the expensive FCC (Foreigner Correspondent Club). We had the set dinner (US$10) which consists of the incredibly delicious appetiser, and a rather normal main course and salad. There were quite a lot of houseflies flying around and it was rather distracting when we were having our meal. The seaside view is rather nice though.

We headed to Central Market next and the architecture of the building is rather unique. It has a dome-shaped structure which has outlying arms at the corners. There are a lot of shops selling clothes, jewellery, bags, cloth, food, fruits, etc. However, we came at the wrong time and many of the shops were closing by the time we reached.

Art Deco Central Market

Spiders, cockroaches, worms, beetles on sale for consumption!!! We did not try eating them of course! I feel gross even just looking at the fried insects.

We headed to Sorya Shopping Centre next and bought some fake-but-look-very-real Nike ry-fit t-shirt for only US$5. We then bought some chicken wings and headed to the supermarket to uy some water before heading back to Sunday Guesthouse.

We played Bridge in our rooms for about an hour as we did not know what to do at night. We then headed downstairs for some supper at the restaurant. By the way, Cambodians cook very slowly but their food is tasty and does not feel mass-produced. We will normally spend around 1 hour for each meal.

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