Some Place in Cambodia

Our next stop was S21, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The site used to be a high school and it turned into a torture and massacre prison during the Khmer Rouge regime. We were given pamphlets which described the horrific sins which the Khmer Rouge inflicted upon their own people.

The graveyard of some of the victims

One of the numerous torture chamber for the victims

The faces of the unfortunate people who perished at S21

The photos and the description of some individuals who had been killed by the Khmer Rouge

The prison cells of the victims

The weapons used to torture the victims

A memorial to respect the dead (skulls in the cabinet)

For more information on the Khmer Rouge regime, please click here for more detailed information. The atrocities they committed are astounding and they killed more than 1 million people during the regime. The worst thing is that it happened less than 30 years ago and no one intervened until the invasion of Vietnam in 1979 which ended the 4 year regime. Khmer Rouge actually evacuated the city of Phnom Penh and ordered them to live in the countryside, capturing the educated, the powerful and the rich, executing most of them in cold blood.

After the sad history trip, we headed to the Russian Market and there are plenty of foodstuff, silk, cloth, fruits, motor parts, cds, etc.... It is like the assorted pasa malam with more cramped alleys in a sheltered building. We bought some silk scarves as they were very cheap at only $1.50 to $2 a piece.

Russian Market

We then passed by the Independence Monument which commemorates the departure of the French in 1953 (Cambodia used to be a French colony).

Independence Monument

We passed by an impressive Wats (means temples)
We headed to the National Museum next.

National Museum

The entrance fee is US$3 and we spent some time looking at the statues of Buddha, the ancient Khmer culture artifacts, religious artifacts and some carvings and stuff. We did not really know how to appreciate all these and we spent some time there resting instead.

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