Visiting Around Cambodia

We woke up at 4.15 am and were set to go at 5.15 am. We had arranged our own cheaper transportation with a tuk tuk driver outside and he drove us to the Angkor Archaelogical Park to see the sunrise. We had picked Srah Srang to be the temple we see the sunrise after recommendations with the driver we had yesterday. Upon arrival, we realized that it will be the sunrise which we will never forget. It is incredibly beautiful, incredibly beautiful.

The picturesque picture of early sunrise

This photo is one of the best photos that i have ever taken

Look at the contrast of colours, simply beautiful

The sunrise was only marred by the persistant persuasion of children asking us to buy tea or coffee or t-shirts. They practise good tactics in front tourists for us to part our money to them. Firstly, they will ask which country are we from, then they will ask us for our name, which we will kindly supply them the info. Next they will offer us a ratten wristlet for free and they let us off to enjoy the sunrise for a while. They will target us after some time if we have not decided to buy their tea, coffee or clothing. They recognise us with the wristlet they have given us and will say phrases like "If you don't buy, i'll cry." with a dejected look on their faces. We salute their numerous tactics and all of us bought tea from the children except me who bought a t-shirt which costs only US$1.

Next, we headed to Pre Rup. It is another temple mountain but not very large compared to those temples we visited yesterday. The route which we will be travelling is not often frequented by tourists which is a very good thing as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom which we visited the day before was flooded with tourists.

Pre Rup

The domes and the moon

The temple is serene and quiet, and all of us were enjoying every moment in the building which was built about 1000 years ago. The complex only contains the 4 of us plus only a few other people. Words can't describe the serenity and peace while on the temple mountain.

We then headed to East Mebon, a structure architecturally similar to Pre Rup. There were only a few differences between these 2 temples and we did not spend a lot of time there as it was becoming slightly warmer.

East Mebon

Although some temples may be similar to one another, it is still exciting to venture and see the temples in real life, enjoying the hard effort the people of the past put in to design, build and sculpture each wall, each pillar, each temple.

We proceeded to Neak Pean next and it was serene and beautiful with only the 4 of us walking around.

Neak Pean, a temple surrounded by 8 water bodies

A sculpture separating 2 water bodies

Cute children we encountered on the way back to the main road from Neak Pean

It was an enjoyable time touring these temples without the chatter, without having to avoid other people taking photos, and without people blocking our view. We were feeling hungry already and the tuk tuk driver took us to Preah Khan's roadside stall for breakfast next.

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