Canadia Bank

Completed in 2009, OCIC Tower is the tallest building in Cambodia and will be the headquarters for Canadia Bank.

Canadia Bank (ធនាគារ​កាណាឌីយ៉ា) is one of the largest local banks in Cambodia. The bank was established in 1991 and became privatized in 1998. It has 25 branches across the country.


Canadia Bank was established on 11 November 1991, as the Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation Limited, under a joint-venture with overseas Cambodians and the National Bank of Cambodia, and as a sole office financial institution managed by the former staff of the National Bank of Cambodia and Canadian Cambodian shareholders. The main activities were based on gold transaction, gold plaque manufacture and credit to local merchants.

In 19 April 1993, the name of the institution was changed to "Canadia Bank Ltd.", and subsequently to "Canadia Bank plc." on 16 December 2003, as a commercial bank registered under the Ministry of Commerce and the National Bank of Cambodia. Since privatization in 1998, the bank has become one of the largest local banks. It offers various financial services through its ten branches within Cambodia and 23 international correspondent banks.Mean, Lux; Cambodia Blog. . Retrieved on 2007-02-10

* 11 November 1991 - Canadia Bank is established under the name "Canadia Gold and Trust Corporation Limited"

* 19 April 1993 - The name of the then corporation is changed to "Canadia Bank LTD"

* 16 December 2003 - The name is changed from "Canadia Bank LTD" to "Canadia Bank PLC"

Canadia Bank's main competitors are ACLEDA Bank, ANZ Royal Bank, Cambodia Asia Bank, Maybank Phnom Penh, Singapore Banking Corporation (SBC), Vattanac Bank.Cambodia Yellow Pages. . Retrieved on 2007-02-10

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