Top Souvenirs From Around the World

Savvy travelers fill their suitcases with Murano glass from Venice, Persian carpets from Iran, crystal from Sweden and batiks from Bali. Fortunately, you can also buy these products online once you get back home.

Female batik vendor holding cloth atop her head, Kintamani Market, Bali, Indonesia (© Jon Arnold Images/

World Souvenirs: Bali Batiks

If you’re walking around the island of Bali, don’t be surprised if a woman walks toward you with a pile of batik prints on her head and tries to sell you one. If you walk into a street market, vendors will run their fingers along the brightly colored threads and call out to you. It’s hard to escape Bali without some batiks in your luggage, but then, why would you want to? Fabrics are dipped in melted wax and then into colorful dyes, resulting in unique and vibrant clothing.

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