Cambodian pottery

I have a good friend from Singapore who is on a visit and yesterday we went to see how Khmer pottery and ceramics are made. The little workshop and retail outlet, called Khmer Ceramics is on the way to Siem Reap's airport and is run by a friendly couple, a Belgian man, Serge, and his Cambodian wife.

When you visit, a Cambodian guide will explain how Cambodian ceramics are made. The process starts with 3 different types of clay: red, white and yellow. After moulding the clay on a wheel, it is fired in a modern, gas-powered kiln from 850 to over a thousand degrees. There is also a replica of a traditional kiln on the site. Coloured glazing is sometimes added to the clay and the colouring is made from natural materials like rice husks and iron. The result is blue, green, or red ceramics.

Ceramic plates have been ordered by restaurants and small containers are used in hotels to hold shampoo etc. There are also larger pieces, one vase had Khmer writing all around, which was beautiful. You can get gifts for as little as a dollar. I also spotted a vase for USD250.

There was a group of small French children who were learning from an Irishman, himself a teacher of ceramics in Ireland. There was also another customer--the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong. Meeting him deserves an entry in itself.

I am interested in the classes and the cost goes down with the number of participants so if anyone wants to join me, do email me.


  1. The Khmer/Cambodian Pottery to which you refer is now known as the Angkor Pottery Centre and has been since October 2009. It is still in the same location on Airport Road close to the traffic island turn off to Siem Reap Airport.

    The Angkor Pottery Centre, formerly known as the National Centre for Khmer Ceramics Revival, makes both traditional and contemporary potteries and ceramic wares as well as providing Fun-with-Clay lessons for children and adults alike.
    It also has an active and formal association with the Kampong Chhnang Potters Association and is an official outlet for their works. It is also working in association with the German Deutcher Entwicklungsdient - DED - project.

    The Angkor Pottery Centre, formerly the National Centre for Khmer Ceramic Revival, is now run by Ms. Paruth HANN with her small Khmer traditional female potting staff and a few family members following the end of the relationship in October 2009 between her and her former Belgian potter husband and his violent destruction or burning of virtually everything at the pottery, including a collection of ancient Khmer and Chinese potteries used for study and reference purposes in making replica pottery.

    Ms. Paruth Hann, a skilled Khmer traditional potter herself, enjoys the support of Australian and International potters.

  2. The real renowned Khmer Ceramic Centre moved, and is now located on the road to the temple. They continue to make wonderful potteries and crafts. They are focused on that, and you must let them do what they can do… exceptional pieces, and reviving Khmer traditional crafts.. See their wonderful website: . It is not words, it is facts that you can see! That is for the real existing and working Khmer Ceramics Centre on the road to the temples.
    Be aware that we have only one location on the road to the temple, other location is a rip off for tourists funded by Mr. Ian, an Australian scammer. The marketing of his scam is based on lie, fake, destruction… amazing in such a poor country, how people like this Ian can live without any respect for local peoples!

    The Belgian potter! (more balls then "anonymous"!)

  3. The Angkor Pottery Centre on Airport Road, Siem Reap, formerly the National Centre for Khmer Ceramic Revival (NCKCR) slowly goes from strength to strength and remains the only Khmer/Cambodian female Owned, Operated and staffed traditional Khmer/Cambodian pottery in Siem Reap and Cambodia.

    The Angkor Pottery Centre is operated by Ms. Paruth Hann, a local potter born during the Khmer Rouge Era and from the Roluos area, and some family members and local female potters. Paruth is a skilled Khmer/Cambodian traditional potter and, since her abandonment, whilst in early pregnancy, of her and her then three year old child by her former Belgian potting partner, she is being assisted to return to potting and pottery management by international potters, mostly female potters like herself, from Australia, Japan and the USA.

    Come and see the Angkor Pottery Centre on Airport Road, Siem Reap, for yourself and judge the veracity or otherwise of the diatribe by her former husband/partner in the previous posting.

    Please visit and support a truly Khmer/Cambodian pottery and it's female potters. You enjoy pottery - they pot to live.

    All very best regards to all.

    Ian N. Brookes. Sydney, Australia

  4. Oh! How I wish I could learn pottery too. I really wanted to learn about this kind of an art. I'm trying to find some workshop and classes about pottery. How wonderful to be a potter someday!

  5. I have a wonderful clay mural made by Paruth which I treasure. Great to hear she is working and flourishing.

    Michael Pugh.

  6. Unrelated to both, the most established pottery centre is the one in Round us, on the way to Prasat Bakong - Prolung Khmer Pottery and Weaving Training Centre.

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