Angkor Wat Replica in India?

Today, the news about Angkor Wat replica in India spread over internet and it becomes a very hot topic among Cambodian internet users.

According to BBC news website, a Hindu trust in eastern state of Bihar in India has already started building a bigger and taller replica of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple.

The project costs about USD 20 million and will cover on the land of 16 hectare (40 acre). It will spend up to 10 years to finish the whole Angkor Wat replica. The builders of the project stated that it will be the world’s largest Hindu temple when completed.

Questions are raised over this surprising news. Why they don’t build a new one instead of building Angkor Wat replica? Is it possible that they can build another Angkor Wat which will be bigger in size, and taller in height than the original one?

Looking at the budget spending on the replica, USD 20m sounds not enough. I don’t know what materials they will use to build the temple. The news reported that the trust plans to recreate the temple’s huge structure and elaborate stone carvings so the main material must be stone.

It sounds even more impossible to build replica of Angkor Wat huge structure from stone with USD 20m.

I guess it would costs hundreds millions of dollar to build this mega-structure temple and elaborate fine stone carvings like original Angkor Wat.

The replica will occupy only 16 hectare while the original Angkor Wat takes up to about 140 hectare. I can say that they can build a bigger one but only the central temple. The replica will lose many features of original Angkor Wat temple including libraries, moat, outer enclosed wall, and bridge.

Angkor Wat has been rebuilt as a small-size replica in many countries such as China and Thailand and it is not the first time that a foreign country builds it in a big scale.

France also used to build the replica of Angkor Wat on 1/1 scale for its Colonial Expo in 1931 but it could only build the central temple. Even though, France managed to build it in real scale the result was incomparable with the original.

It is good that India is trying to honour our Angkor Wat by building this replica but I find it’s not necessary.

They could build new temple to dedicate to their god instead of Angkor Wat in their own architecture style which looks very different from Cambodian architecture.

For me, even if they could build it, it will not affect the fame of our Angkor since the replica will not include many important features I mentioned above.

They just build the main structure in a bigger size and I don’t think they can make stone carving as fine as the real Angkor Wat.

In contrast, People who see the replica will want to see the real one so it will help boost the growth of tourists coming from India to Cambodia.

And how about you? How do you think about this story?


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